Teacher Training

Anusara Yoga 200 hour Teacher Training

2020-21 Dates in Williamsport, PA

  • March 13-15
  • April 17-19
  • May 15-17
  • July 24-26
  • August 14-16; 21-23


  • October 23-25
  • November 20-22
  • January 22-24
  • February 26-28
  • March 26-28
  • April 16-18

Fridays 6-9
Saturdays 12-7
Sundays 9-5


EARLY BIRD ~ Pre-register by February 22 – $2600 (Must be paid in full)

$3000 after ~ payment plans available
$500 Deposit due upon registration
Yoga Alliance Accredited and Approved

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This program will prepare you to work with a wide range of students in a variety of settings because the practices and teachings of yoga can change the way our human family lives on this Earth. This course is designed for all seekers who wish to be agents of change not only in a yoga studio, but in their families, the workforce and greater community. If you are committed to a path of self-healing and discovery and wish to share your gifts, please join me.

This teacher training is broken into 2 parts, Immersion and Practicum. Part 1, the Immersion, is open to all students and recommended for those who wish to deepen their understanding and practice of yoga- you do not need to be a teacher or wish to go on to teacher training to take this course. Part 2, Practicum, is dedicated to learning and practicing teaching techniques. This course is NOT just for yoga teachers, and can be applied to many different careers. If you are interested in bringing the practices of yoga into your workplace, this course is for you.

*Please note, it is not necessary to take these courses together. While it is suggested to take the Immersion prior to the Practicum, it is possible to sign up for the practicum alone or to take the practicum portion before the immersion.*

If interested in registering, please fill out an application, which can be found under services/ teacher training. Once you have filled out an application, a phone interview will be scheduled. Once you have been accepted into the program a $500 deposit is due. Full payment for the program must be made by the start date of the program.

Part 1: Immersion (100hrs)

The Anusara yoga Immersion is open to ALL students and teachers of yoga and is a complete overview of the philosophy, history and practices of Anusara yoga. It is a 100 hour program which is split into 3 sections. These sections may be taken one at a time or consecutively.


Set your intention and commit to your path. By integrating the practices of yoga into your daily life you will cultivate your health and energy. We will review the main principles of Anusara Yoga and do a brief overview of non-dual Tantric philosophy.


What does it mean to make progress on the path? As we choose our direction and commit to our practices many changes occur in our life. In this Immersion we will explore Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which shows us the first frontier for success is in our own mind.


Now that I’m a Yogi, how do I deal with other people? As we study the epic battle of the Baghavad Gita, we will see how the same ancient battles still play out today. We will begin a lifelong conversation of how to be true to our own hearts in the face of (sometimes) immense resistance.

Part 2: Practicum (100hrs)

There is a method to the madness!
This course will give an overview to the method of teaching Anusara Yoga including but not limited to taking the seat of the teacher, creating class themes, applying Tantric philosophy to lifestyle and theming, Sequencing, pacing and public speaking, anatomy and therapeutics and applying verbal and physical adjustments. This course will include many hours of actual practice and observation and prepare the student to make a greater impact as a teacher upon completion of the course. Throughout the course, starting in the Immersion, we will also be learning the foundations of non-violent/ courageous communication.
If you have participated in a 200 hour teacher training in another style of yoga, this training is also a wonderful companion to hone many skills of teaching. Students will spend a great deal of time practicing teaching and receiving mentoring. If your intention is to bring this knowledge into your workplace, this practice time can be tailored to your work environment.

Taking Seat of Teacher

Creating Class Themes


Public Speaking

Anatomy & Therapeutics

Verbal and Manual Adjustments