Self Empathy Workshop


NVC (or nonviolent/courageous communication), is also known as a Language of Life. This style of communication is an affirming process that enriches our dialogue with our Self and each other.

In this follow up workshop we will explore techniques for uncovering our own true feelings and the needs these feelings reveal.

Connect with what is alive in you!



“Anger and resentment can be powerful Self-care tools. Through NVC, I’ve learned that these feelings are messages from universal needs that I’m ignoring.” DJP

Debbi J. Payne is a retired Town Justice, former School Board Member, Mediation Educator, aspiring NVC (Nonviolent Communication) Trainer and flawed human. She was attracted to dispute resolution early in life while observing her parent’s arguments. As a single mother, she gave up a career of cleaning bathrooms in the middle of the night to return to school, acquired a Paralegal AAS, History BA and a Masters in Adult Ed. Her faith in the connection of everything is regularly tested and affirmed. The most significant affirmation occurred during her on going experience with Chronic Lyme.
Debbi has practiced Anusara Yoga for 8 years and studied NVC for almost 2 decades. She lives with the love of her life Jerry, her son, Shane and rescued dog, Amber.