Introduction to Ayurveda- Thursdays in October


Ayurveda is an ancient style of traditional medicine from India and a sister science to yoga. It translates as the wisdom of life or science of vitality. If you are seeking an alternative for your health and want to learn new habits to support your on-going well-being, join us for this 4 week series.



4 Thursdays 6-7:30 PM

10/4- Healing and Prevention, an introduction to what Ayurveda is and how you can apply this knowledge in easy practical ways to your every day routines.

10/11- Sleep, Do you have difficulty sleeping or lack energy throughout the day? This class will be focused on learning ways to sleep deeper and through the night. *We will be using essential oils in this class*

10/18- Diet, There is so much information about food out there, and so many conflicting views about what to eat! How do you know what is the right diet for you?! In this class we will focus on using Ayurvedic principles to strengthen digestion.

10/25- Meditation and Pranayama– The number one recommendation for most conditions in Ayurveda (especially anything stress related) is meditation. Find out how this practice can become an endless resource for your health and learn easy ways to incorporate this practice into your daily routine.

* If you have a studio card at Mosaic, you may use it for these classes. Otherwise each class is a $20 drop in.

*Come to any one of these classes or all 4.