Health and Beauty Mini Retreat


Sunday August 11
1-4 PM
At Six Circles Farm
1491 Caywood Rd.
Lodi, NY

Take the afternoon to rest and recharge with the practices of yoga, meditation and self-care in an exquisite outdoor setting.



In Ayurveda the passage of the seasons marks a sacred cycle that deeply affects our bodies, hearts and state of mind. Summer time is considered Pitta time. Pitta’s qualities are hot, sharp and fast. This can leave us feeling edgy, irritable and exhausted. In this workshop we will learn how by using the principles of Ayurveda we can restore balance to aggravated Pitta.

In this mini-retreat, in the beautiful outdoor setting of Six Circles Farm (with Seneca Lake in view), we will luxuriate in cooling and calming practices of asana, meditation and self-care. This will be a gentle and calming asana practice followed by both seated and walking meditation to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. We will culminate the workshop by caring for our skin with self-administered facials with products from Beautycounter.

Cooling and calming snacks and beverages will be provided.

If you are wanting to stay cool this summer and learn how to pacify Pitta Dosha, come and play with us!

This class will be a combination of practices. All levels welcome.

Pre-register by Friday August 9- $25
$40 after August 9

Space is limited! Pre-registration highly recommended.

*Please bring your own yoga mats and props.

** This is an outdoor venue, so please bring what you will need to be comfortable. We will be practicing in the shade. There will be water available to drink and an upscale outhouse.