Glow ~ An Ayurvedic Health and Beauty Retreat ~ Todos Santos, Mexico ~ March 2019


Featuring Dance, Yoga & Self Care

March 16-21

Ayurveda, the wisdom of nature, is the science of vitality and rejuvenation. Join us this Winter in Magical Todos Santos, Mexico, to open your senses and replenish your health.



Each day we will enjoy the practices of meditation, yoga and dance just moments from the beach at Serendipity Bed & Breakfast. To learn more about Serendipity click the link below:


Daily Schedule:

7:30 Meditation

8-9 Breakfast

9-12 Yoga and dance

12-2 Lunch

Afternoons free!

*There will be events and programming on a few evenings.


shared occupancy: $1050 per person

Single: $1800

Casita: $1400 per person- with 2 guests (Casitas can fit up to 4, then price is $1200 per person for 3 guests, $1000 for 4)

* $500 non-refundable deposit due upon registration or by January 30th.

Cost includes:

•Transportation directly from the San Jose Del Cabo Airport to Serendipity and back. (this trip is just over an hour depending on traffic)

•5 nights at Serendipity, Breakfast and Lunch

•A special evening excursion for the group of sunset viewing, cocktails and appetizers at El Mirador Restaurant atop a stunning hillside with a 360 degree view of the ocean and mountains where you can see whales and dolphins swimming just off the coast- so bring your binoculars! Followed by dinner in town- location TBA.

•Yoga, meditation and Dance every day! These classes are open level, everyone is welcome. Group size will be limited and so special attention and support can be provided for all students.

•Gem Resonance workshop with Lainey Papageorge (individual sessions also available but not included)

•Gifts for you to use during your visit and take home for your enjoyment.

•Each day there will be ample free time for you to either receive bodywork on site, take surf lessons nearby, lounge in one of the many beautiful indoor or outdoor spaces available, take another trip into town, Hike in the mountains or walk along the coast which is mostly uninhabited. (bodywork and surf lessons are not included in the price).

More about Todos Santos:

In 2006 the Mexican Government designated Todos Santos as a Pueblo Mágico— one of just 100 or so small towns honored for its natural beauty, cultural riches, and historical relevance. It is a truly magical town filled with artisan shops and amazing restaurants, surrounded by miles and miles of protected wildlife. There are turtle sanctuaries, birds galore, whale nurseries, dolphin pods and vast stretches of arid paradise. It is a safe place to travel and the locals are extremely welcoming and friendly.

More about Gem Resonance:

Like elements attune to like.
In this workshop Lainey will bring her exquisite mineral collection for participants to explore the subtle impact of gems and crystals when intentionally placed on the body. We will add the frequencies of sound and light to these billion-year-old forms of color and beauty.

Through her 44 year career in jewelry design, Lainey has become aware of natural relationships and affinities between the gems and the people who wear them. Her insight as an artist is that something beyond beauty occurs when a person is in contact with the mineral kingdom, whether by wearing it, walking on the bare earth, or with intentional placement. It is a fact that like elements resonate with one another and are essential for organic function on all cellular levels. The trace elements in our bodies and the trace elements found in all crystal, mineral, pearl and gemstone formations are resonating with each other on a subtle level all the time, when in proximity to another. Can we tune in, dial it in, sense which elements feel most beneficial? What other messages might we receive while experiencing this deep and organizing resonance?

More about Heart-Based Meditation

Heart Based Meditation is an effortless mantra based technique. It is easy to learn and blissful to practice, especially on the beach! We will practice heart-based meditation every morning and afternoon.

More about Anusara Yoga

The word Anusara translates as flowing with grace, or aligning with nature. It is an alignment based, heart-centered practice which is both therapeutic and rejuvenating. We will use modification, variations and the use of props to support our practice at any level.

More about Ayurveda

In Ayurveda the art and practice of self massage is one of the most celebrated practices of prevention, stress reduction and deep nourishment. The skin, our largest organ, when healthy gives us immunity and vibrance. A regular practice of self massage will not only give you soft youthful skin, but will reduce stress and tension in your musculoskeletal system, stimulate blood flow, help you to sleep deeper and give you space each day for reflection and relaxation.

More about Dance

The dance portion of this retreat is designed to help us learn about the 3 doshas and how to balance them with 3 different styles of music and dance. We’ll glide, flow and dance the water element under the full moon to balance pitta. We’ll balance Kapha by reconnecting to center and the Earth element and energize our spirits by shaking and rolling our hips to soukous rhythms. And we’ll develop our very own creative dance blueprints to balance the air element and nurture the vata dosha. All levels welcome.