Core Power Retreat


What does it mean to be “in your power” and where is your “core”? In this retreat designed specifically for leaders, teachers and anyone who wants to be more connected to their source of power we will explore what it means to lead from our hearts in today’s world.

This retreat will be a combination of yoga practices, unconventional strength training with steel clubs and self-reflection.



Steel Club training: Originally developed in Ancient Persia as a way to condition soldiers and wrestlers, Steel Clubs are an excellent tool for developing strength, shoulder stability and core power. This long lever tool provides a unique challenge for us to connect more deeply to our core and stay present while swinging weight three dimensionally.

Anusara Yoga: The word Anusara translates as flowing with grace, or aligning with nature. In this way the principles of Anusara yoga support us to connect more fully with our own nature and move in a way that is truly authentic, deeply healing and connected to the whole.

Rachel Bush teaches Anusara Yoga and Ayurveda. Her classes emphasize the connection between our intention, emotional state and physical alignment.

Kathy Lucas is a dancer, Steel Club Specialist and movement coach. With years of experience and a passion for cultural dance, Kathy brings a global perspective to her classes.

Friday 6-9PM
Saturday 1-5 PM
Sunday 1-4 PM

Cost: $200

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