Ayurveda Module


This program is for both students and teachers of yoga. A basic understanding of Ayurveda will deepen your awareness and connection to the cycle of the seasons and what type of impact this has on your physical and psychological state. Understanding the principles of Ayurveda will enhance your ability to observe and assist students and/or clients physically, mentally and emotionally. This will enable you to plan classes and workshops that are in harmony with the seasons. Even if you never go on to formally teach about Ayurveda the information in this module will support you in your own self-care by deepening your understanding of specific dietary and lifestyle needs.

The information in this module is both practical and useful for other health professionals as well. If you have an interest in helping others or yourself to achieve a state of mental, emotional or physical balance and want to gain a foundation in Ayurveda, this module is for you.

Included in this weekend will be a basket of Ayurvedic products for your use and enjoyment as well as a seasonally balanced and simple vegetarian lunch each day.

Pre-registration is required.

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This module is 15 hours long, and these hours can be used towards electives for the 300 hour Anusara Teacher Training.

Sample Schedule:

Day 1
9-12- lecture/ introduction / healing and prevention
12-2 Lunch
2-5 Vata Yoga

Day 2
1-2 Lunch
2-5 Pitta Yoga

Day 3
9-12 Kapha Yoga
12-2 Lunch
2-5 lecture/ food and eating with the seasons/ Q&A