Would you like to Immerse yourself into the practices of yoga? Find out what happens when you take time to fully commit to your health and well-being, and follow your heart. 

The Anusara Yoga Immersion is a complete overview of the philosophy, history and physical practice of Anusara Yoga. Classes are a mixture of lecture, asana, pranayama, meditaiton, journaling and discussion.  This program is split into 3 sections and is open to ALL students. You can sign up for just Immersion 1 or take all 3. It is recommended to take them sequentially.

This program is designed for seekers who are going through or want to go through a transition in life or a transformation in health. If you are ready to fully commit to your deepest heart’s desire, this program will support you. 

Dates for 2020

Trumansburg, NY

Immersion 2
January 11-12
February 8-9
March 7-8

Immersion 3
April 4-5
May 2-3
June 6-7

Williamsport, PA

Immersion 1
March 13-15
April 17-19

Immersion 2
May 15-17
July 24-26

Immersion 3
August 14-16; 21-23

EARLY BIRD $1350 by February 22 for Immersion 1, 2 & 3- must be paid in full (checks preferred)
$1500 after

OR $500 per Immersion by Trumansburg: December 22, March 22 respectively
Williamsport: February 22, April 22, July 22 respectively
$600 after

OR 10 monthly payments of $150 starting by February 22

Saturday 1-5
Sunday 9-5 (1 hour for break)

Friday 6-9
Saturday 12-7 (1 hour for break)
Sunday 9-5 (1 hour for break)

*This program is the first 100 hours of a 200 hour teacher training. It is not necessary to become a teacher to take this course- all are welcome. If you are interested in taking the Practicum portion, which is the next 100 hours of teacher training, send me an email to let me know. I have not yet determined those dates.

In this program we will establish and commit to our own personal intention for practicing yoga. If you are seeking purpose, direction, space and time to heal, or wanting to clarify where you place your time and energy, this course in an opportunity for deep inquiry and retreat. You will learn the foundations of Anusara Yoga including principles of alignment and the philosophy and history of yoga. By integrating these ancient teachings into your modern daily life you will cultivate a healthy mind and body. We will also begin our study and practice of nonviolent/ courageous communication.

As we choose our direction and commit to our practices many changes occur in our life. This will bring us face to face with our deepest fears and greatest challenges. In this Immersion we will explore Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, which will illuminate the inner workings of our mind and help us navigate these struggles. What does it means to have optimal health and true strength? How does progress and success actually look for us? As we become clearer in our perception and focus we actually become more available for our own success.

Through steady practice we gain true confidence and become at ease in our own self. When we recognize that we are the creators of our own experience, we can take the seat of true power and become more effective and joyful in our lives. In our confidence we must also learn the practices of compassion and empathy as we continue to walk in a world full of division and ignorance. As we study the epic battle of the Baghavad Gita, we will see how the same ancient battles still play out today. What kind of world do you want to create?

You must take the sections sequentially. You can take them one at a time or all at once.