Ayurveda Module

This module is 15 hours long, and these hours can be used towards electives for the 300 hour Teacher Training.

Ayurveda is an ancient system of healing aligned with the practices of yoga. It can be translated as the “wisdom of life” or “science of healing”.  Through Ayurveda we can learn what it means to be truly healthy and how to find balance when it is lost. In this course we will discuss the three fold process of healing: connection to source, clearing the channel, and personal balance.   We will discuss how to make unique choices about your own health and well-being so that this knowledge becomes practical and accessible. Not everyone has the same needs when it comes to their health and so Ayurveda teaches us to honor ourselves as unique and sacred. 

 This program is for both students and teachers of yoga.
A basic understanding of Ayurveda will deepen your awareness and connection to the cycle of the seasons and what type of impact this has on your physical and psychological state. Understanding the principles of Ayurveda will enhance your ability to observe and assist students and/or clients physically, mentally and emotionally. This will enable you to plan classes and workshops that are in harmony with the seasons. Even if you never go on to formally teach about Ayurveda the information in this module will support you in your own self-care by deepening your understanding of specific dietary and lifestyle needs.

What is Discussed

  • The foundations of Ayurveda

  • The meaning of balance

  • Food, sleep and lifestyle

What You Will Learn

  • What balance means for you in particular

  • How to teach to different doshas

  • How to apply the principles of Ayurveda towards your own self care and in your work with others