About Anusara

Anusara Yoga was founded in 1998 by John Friend. John was influenced strongly by both B.K.S. Iyengar and the path of Siddha Yoga. In 2012 Anusara became the The Anusara School of Hatha Yoga, otherwise known as ASHY and is now an international organization.

Anu- Individual; sara- current; flow of grace

For you, as an individual, what is the bigger picture that you see yourself participating in? What do you believe about yourself and about life? These are the fundamental questions of yoga. In anusara, we acknowledge a bigger picture or current of grace, also known as a universal intelligence or unified field. As living beings in this field we have access to the wisdom of life. And so, through practices of self-reflection we can learn about the nature of the universe.

The 3 qualities that differentiate Anusara from other schools of yoga is a strong emphasis on principles of alignment, a philosophical foundation in non-dual Tantra and a well connected, collaborative and diverse global community. In order to achieve certification in this style one must study extensively for at least 4 years if not more. Anusara is also aligned with Yoga Alliance and our 200 and 300-hour curriculums are compatible with their credentialing.

Our training is grounded and balanced in physical practice, intellectual study, contemplative practices and philosophical bridges to bring the practice back to our life in meaningful and concrete ways. Once teachers are certified in Anusara they are encouraged to teach from their hearts, and in this way class styles can vary. However, all Anusara classes have a few elements in common: they begin with some form of centering in order for the experience to be rooted in the heart, they have a clear theme and are guided in a safe way for multiple levels of students.

While teachers are going through their training there are two designations before they become Certified. Once teachers complete their 200-hour teacher training they become what is called an Anusara Elements teacher. And after they become Elements and once they have been both studying Anusara and teaching for at least 2 years then they become Anusara Inspired. These 2 designations are meant to honor the commitment, integrity and knowledge base that each of these teachers possess.

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